5 Fast Facts: Why Remy Hair Extension Are The Best

Remy hair extensions have all of their cuticles intact and have not been stripped. These hair extensions are made of the highest quality. 100% virgin Remy human hair with the cuticle intact.

Tangle-free hair extensions that look undeniably natural and shiny. The weft is attached to your hair with silicone lined micro-links. That, like weft blends, protects your hair and skin for a seamless application. To put it simply, our hair extension cuticles all face the same direction. Which means that all of the tips face. One direction and all of the roots face the opposite end.


What is Remy Hair Extension?

In a nutshell, Remy hair Extension is genuine, natural human hair. It is thought to be the best kind of human hair by most people. Because it is unprocessed and has an intact cuticle layer. This results in healthy, soft, and shiny hair.

It is unprocessed natural hair that can be virgin or treated. To make them ready to wear, Remy hair wigs. And extensions frequently include highlights, lowlights, and color treatment. But, once again, just because it’s labelled Remy doesn’t mean it’s of high quality.

Remy hair extension


Why you should choose Remy Hair extensions?

If you are considering getting hair extensions for the first time. You may be overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite types available. From clip-ins to tape to weft extensions, determining. What is what and which type of extensions are best for your hair can be difficult.

It is a term you may have come across while researching hair extensions. But what exactly is Remy hair, and why is it so popular for hair extensions. Everything you need to know about Remy hair extensions is right here.


Importance of human Remy hair extensions? Why is it better?

Human Remy Hair Extensions are the highest quality human hair available. Remy means that the hair was taken from its donor in an ethical way. With the cuticles intact, as opposed to non-Remy human hair extensions. The hair cuticles in Non-Remy come from different directions. This is often the case with hair from the floor of a salon. The cuticles are still there on this hair extensions. And aligned in a unilateral direction, giving the hair a natural look and feel. This technique also prevents tangling and matting of the hair.

Although Hair Extensions are more expensive than other types, they are by far the most popular. Human hair extensions on the market due to their exceptional quality. Which will undoubtedly provide you with value for money. 

On the other hand, it is collected in a way that is fair and keeps the hair strands together. And aligned in the natural direction it grew. This alone contributes to the natural look and feel. As well as the smooth and silky texture of one’s natural hair.

Hair extensions sold are made of 100 percent Remy hair extensions. That has been carefully chosen and put together by experts in the field to be the best. With extensive selection of hair extension techniques, luscious colors. And piece set options, we are certain to have something to match every style you require to help. You achieve your hair goals at their best.


How do Remy Hair extensions different from other hair extensions?

Don’t get it mixed up. Not all Human hair extensions are Remy. So, what exactly is the distinction between Remy and non-Remy hair extensions?

Human hair extensions that aren’t Remy are made from hair that has fallen off of people. The floor, either after it has been cut or from brushes. It’s clear that this isn’t how Remy hair is collected.

As a result, the hair skin all lies in different directions. To stop this, the hair is put in a bath of acid. Which takes off the whole cuticle before it is treated with chemicals and dipped in silicone.

While dipping the hair in silicone may make it feel soft and shiny at first. This silkiness will quickly fade. The silicone coating on non- hair extensions will wear off after washing. Leaving the hair harsh and brittle. Furthermore, using non-Remy hair extensions frequently results in matting, tangling. And shedding issues, which no one wants.

Remy hair extension



How to care for Remy hair extensions?

Hair extensions do need a bit more attention than our natural locks. They are still extremely easy to maintain. In fact, caring for your hair extensions isn’t so different from how you would look after your natural hair.

Our top tips for caring for your Remy hair extensions include:

Keep your extensions clean by shampooing gently every four to five days

  • Choose sulphate free products, professional hair care products
  • Use low heat settings and a heat protectant when styling your extensions
  • Brush your extensions regularly, using a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakage
  • Avoid sleeping while your hair extensions are wet


Why is Remy hair the best choice for hair extensions?

You obviously want hair that looks as natural as your own if you are considering investing in hair extensions. As previously stated, the method used to collect Remy hair results in a smooth texture. And a natural look and feel that is comparable to your own hair.

Because this hair is less processed and has intact cuticles. It is less given to complicate and become matted. Because this hair extensions are silicone-free. They remain naturally silky and soft.

Finally, you can treat this just like your own hair. When it comes to styling. This is far more many-sided – you can straighten and curl it however you want. Tie it up however you want, and even color it if you want.

It is the best option if you want hair extensions. That looks natural and blends in perfectly with your natural hair. Remy hair, unlike other human hair extensions, is long-lasting and simple to work with.


5 fast facts: Why Remy Hair extensions are the best

What is the distinction between cheap human hair extensions and Remy hair extensions? This layer adds shine to your hair, protects it from damage, and makes it easier to manage. But the cuticle can only do its job if each hair strand is facing the same way. Hand inspection of Hair extensions ensures that each cuticle runs in the same direction. Here are five reasons why hair extensions with aligned cuticles are superior to other human hair extensions:

Remy Hair Extension

1. There are no tangles

There are several serious disadvantages to using low-quality hair extensions. The first issue that most buyers encounter? Tangles. Because the cuticles of the hair are not aligned. The strands constantly bunch and knot. Non-Remy hair extensions will start to look like permanent patches of bed head on the scalp in less than a day. Tangle-free Remy hair extensions, Simply comb the extensions through and you’re good to go.

2. There is no matting

After tangles come the feared (no pun intended) mats. Dreadlocks are awesome in their own right. But you’re not likely to have purchased extensions to help you look more “gangsta.” Non-Remy human hair extensions will begin to mat after about a week and become completely unmanageable. These are not Remy hair extensions. They’re resistant to matting and stay smooth and silky for months. Remember to dress like Kim Kardashian, not Rick James.

3. Increased lifespan

Anyone who has purchased synthetic or non-Remy human hair extensions understands that they only last a few weeks at most. Non-Remy extensions have a short lifespan and tend to break apart quickly. Because they are heavily treated with chemicals. On the other hand, can easily last a year. Take good care of them, and your Remy hair extensions will return the favor. Hair extensions are an excellent fashion investment. 

4. Outstanding radiance

The human hair cuticle is a thing of beauty. The cuticle reflects light and causes the hair to shine when laid flat, as it does naturally on healthy hair. This imparts a natural, glamorous radiance to this hair extensions. However, cuticles only lie flat when they are all aligned. Because low-quality human hair extensions lack aligned cuticles, they appear dull and lifeless.

5. Heat and color-safe

Heat styling or coloring non-Remy extensions always results in one thing: the garbage can. Before they go on sale, harsh chemicals are used on human hair extensions that are not Remy. Rendering them unsuitable for coloring or heat styling. This hair is much more durable and can withstand any style you throw at them. It can transition from curly to straight, blonde to brunette. The best hair is Remy hair. It’s long-lasting and manageable, and it looks fantastic. Don’t settle for second-best – your hair and wallet will suffer as a result. More great information on Remy hair extensions – as well as celebrity hair talk and style trends.


How long do Remy hair extensions last?

The worst thing that can happen to your hair is to get a new set. Hair extensions installed only to have them damaged in a matter of weeks. These are worth purchasing for their longevity alone. As they outlast other hair extensions on the market. By properly caring for your Remy extensions, you can expect Indian hair to last six to eight months and Russian hair to last ten to twelve months.

But Extension’s lifespan isn’t just based on how well they work. But also by how well you take care of them after you put them on. Remember, that hair extensions do not receive any natural oils from the scalp. And require far more care than our natural hair.


In Conclusion, This hair extensions are still the most popular option all over the world. Because it has all of its cuticles facing the same direction. It does not tangle or shed as easily as other types of hair. Remy hair appears fuller, thicker, and healthier than alternative options. Because they were taken care of well before they were put on your hair.

If you want to buy Remy hair extensions, you can get a pack for as little as $68. You can find a variety of Remy tape hair extensions options for you HERE.

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